Custom. The Way It Should Be.

workboard notes on a custom job

We love doing custom work!  Unlike most fabric and wallcovering houses, at Peter Fasano, "Custom" really is an accessible option.  Really!  (So don't be afraid!)

Custom orders comprise approximately one third of our wallpaper and fabric production orders.  Since nearly everything we produce is printed to order, it is no more difficult for us to work with your specific design or colorway as it is to work with our own current line.  "Custom" may be as simple as changing the color in one of our existing patterns, re-creating an old favorite of yours, or creating a unique design to fit your personal requirements and desires.

Once a custom strike-off is created to your specifications and after approval, delivery is in a matter of a few weeks. Minimum quantities for Custom fabric is 15 yards per order and a 10 single-roll minimum for Custom wallcovering order.

We welcome your custom orders.  For custom inquiries, please contact your Showroom Representative.