The Woodblock Collection!

Peter Fasano Woodblock print Janesh
Peter Fasano Woodblock print stack
Peter Fasano Woodblock print Pintade
Peter Fasano Woodblock print Bina

Peter Fasano’s latest inspiration

The Woodblock Collection
Traditional Indian Woodblocks
Repurposed & Re-envisioned

Q: Where did you find your first woodblock?
A: I found the first woodblocks at a shop in Gt. Barrington (One Mercantile) that’s owned by a former employee. After that I started combing through EBay and Etsy, buying up one great woodblock after another. I think I now have almost 200!

Q: Did you know immediately that it would turn into a new collection of fabrics and wallpapers?
A: Actually, I did have one of those eureka moments--I saw a wide open road of possibilities, even though it came with a few detours, side trips and unexpected discoveries. But that’s the beauty of the creative process! It just felt so familiar and comfortable the moment I test printed the first woodblock.

Q: You could have just used the woodblocks as is and stamped them on the fabrics. What made you use them as you did, mixing and matching them?
A: I generally like to mix things up and add my own flavor to anything, so it wasn’t in me to use the woodblocks exactly as they were. It was fun to rearrange the pieces of the puzzle.

Q: Give us an example of one woodblock pattern that looks completely different from the original woodblock.
A: “Pintade” is a perfect example of a woodblock that started out as one thing (in this case, a fish) and ended up as a small all-over pattern. Many of the patterns in this collection have 2 or 3 woodblocks integrated into the design. (I had a lot of fun!)

Q: Tell us why you chose blue for this collection.
A: Well, the prints just looked so good in blue and white, and it’s an easy color scheme to live with. I also love deep reds and have folded that color, along with green, brown and beige into a select number of patterns in the collection.

Q: Custom fabrics are a huge part of your business. Tell us what other favorite colors you would love to see clients use to custom color this collection?
A: Since we do so much custom work, it will be fun to see how designers re-envision the patterns in different colors. This collection makes it really easy to print in almost any color since the designs are mostly all one-color prints. The hardest part is making the choice!